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Kelsie Pearson

Founder & Ambassador
  • European Christmas | December 2023
  • Rome + Florence | March 2024
  • Greek Island Hopping | June 2024

Kelsie is a student at UGA obtaining a Degree in Journalism and Certificate in Entrepreneurship. She will become a Travel Advisor when she graduates, and has already started building her client base and brand here! At 21 years old, she has traveled to 15 countries and 32 US States. She’s a sucker for getting out into the small towns and her favorite countries are Italy and Austria! Her biggest passion in life is making travel accessible so all young women are able to get out and see the world! She’s definitely addicted to chocolate, will coach you like a pageant mom when she takes your picture, and considers curled up with a book by the water a perfect day.

Madison Bolt

  • USA TBD | May 2024

Madison is from Southern California and transferred to UGA in 2021. She’s 23 years old and will be graduating in May 2024 with a Degree in Public Relations and Certificate in Entrepreneurship. She loves traveling because of all the new people it enables her to meet, extraordinary food she gets to try, and beautiful locations she gets to see! Out of 9 countries & 18 US States, her favorite city was London for its rich history! Next on her wishlist is Paris so catch her in a cute cafĂ© with her mandatory morning coffee. Be prepared for a lot of “this reminds me of that scene in Friends” references, random dance sessions, and a Spotify playlist for every occasion!

Founding Story

This company was dreamed up staring at the rolling waves of Clearwater Beach, Florida. Poetic right? Wrong. I was in Clearwater visiting my “Aunt” because a few months before that, my whole life plan had fallen apart. *Cue dramatic backstory music* I was studying Nursing in a very toxic college environment, struggling to make friends and feeling this aching that I was supposed to be somewhere else. I called my parents and told them I had to leave and figure out what my life was supposed to look like. I spent my semester at home shadowing multiple different companies and still feeling lost. Ok you’re caught up – back to Tampa. One night my Aunt and I were having one of those talks… the ones that start off talking about the weather and end with pouring your heart out all wrapped up in one big ugly cry. It’s a girl thing. I was so tired of feeling held back from doing things in life just because I didn’t want to do them alone. That’s when my Aunt says “And you’re not the only one”. My first reaction was, well duh of course I’m not, girls struggle with this feeling everyday. Then it hit me, girls struggle with this feeling everyday. I decided right then and there that girls were no longer going to miss out on experiences just because they didn’t have the knowledge or someone to go with them. Even if it didn’t grow into the large-scale vision I had for it, there would be at least one less lonely girl (JB stole that from me by the way).

My travels have shaped me more as an individual than any other life experience. Learning about different cultures has taught me that there are different definitions of happiness and success than just the one our society advertises. They’ve taught me how to interact with different types of people, and most importantly, they’ve taught me how big my dreams really can be. I want every young woman to experience this same awestruck feeling, but I know venturing out into the unknown can be scary. That’s why I not only plan and book everything for you, but also place you in the hands of an Ambassador to lead the whole way! You’ll land at the airport and meet a group of total strangers, who will leave your newfound girl friends. I cannot WAIT to show you this big beautiful world we live in! So to all the girls that couldn’t get a trip out of the group chat.. this is for you.

Love, Kelsie


This company would still be a mere idea if it wasn’t for three important people and a family full of travelers. To my Dad: Thank you for making me just as Type-A as you are, answering a million questions about taxes (seriously this should be taught in school), and for always backing my dreams no matter how many twists and turns I take to get there. To my Mom: You are the most loving and understanding woman I know. Thank you for taking my multiple calls a day as I decided to change my whole life path and for always cheering me on throughout the process. You teach me patience and positivity through your example each day. To my Aunt Robin: Thank you for welcoming me into your home when I needed a few days to figure everything out. You challenged me to think outside my limitations and this company was born. Finally, to Libby & Penny: Thanks for taking the Kennedy Family Trip Around the World. I wouldn’t have this passion if you hadn’t planted this seed many generations before me.

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